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A Holiday Message

WHQR Podcast

Listen to this thoughtful,
12-minute holiday podcast
with Freedom Bridge founder, Diana Topjian.
She speaks of protecting our most vulnerable pups and shares a Christmas poem.


Percy was adopted through
Freedom Bridge Animal Rescue NC.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the shelter

Nary a sound was heard, no helter skelter

Each lay anxiously in their makeshift beds

With visions of forever homes dancing through their heads

The workers were there trying to make it a good night

Praying these souls would not give up the fight

Each brought with them a little toy and treat

Working to make happy those alone and beat

As the workers went from kennel to kennel

Each lost soul looked up with eyes so gentle

The question they saw in their eyes so sad

Was “what did I do that was so bad?”

Suddenly a noise was heard so loud and clear

Each soul barked or meowed an excited cheer

Maybe, just maybe Santa found them all homes

And no one would celebrate the holidays alone

With hopeful eyes they all looked around

Yet sadly it was another soul just found

As they all retreated back to their beds

They silently cried and lowered their heads

Another night with no one to love

A Holiday Wish

Berry Branch
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