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Gone but Never Forgotten







We honor, and will never forget, the pups who came to us needing so much love and care. We loved them and gave them the best days to live out their sweet lives. Bless them all. They are gone but not forgotten.

MEET SWEET SNOOPY, our senior pup
who lived out his best life in hospice care


OUR LAST UPDATE: Snoopy's Journey!

It's been a hot minute since we've posted about the Snoopster. A lot of things have happened, BUT he's still stable. We had a little scare when he wasn't walking well and appeared to be under the weather.... We filmed his leg and thankfully no evidence of mets to his bone but his mass in the lung is larger.

Fortunately he is back to his happy self right now and getting lotsa love from his foster mama who happens to be also one of the great vets at College Road Animal hospital.

Here is Snoop with his favorite toy that she got him... Wubba

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AGE: Senior pup

BREED: An Awesome Mix


NEEDS: Snoopy is an older gent and we already love him :) He is a super sweet boy. He has a caring foster mom to help him with hospice care, and to live out his best life.

HEALTH ISSUES: Snoopy came to us positive for heartworms and is undergoing treatment. He also has been treated for a urinary tract infection and is currently getting treated for whip worms. Sadly, a chest x-ray shows a 4cm lesion on his chest that has been diagnosed as terminal cancer. 

Snoopy 1
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