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Forever Families!

Look who got his forever home and is living the life!! Buster, now Jasper Lee, has hit it BIG!

Thank you Diane for helping him be his best self and Caroline and Steve for giving him a second chance at life. And based on what we saw today, oh, what a life it will be.

You deserve it, little man!

Baby Adopted

Baby went to the shelter after her person went into a nursing home. Even in the shelter, she was a happy girl. She's never met a stranger. After going through dental surgery, she was finally able to go to her forever home.

She could not be more loved! 

Emmy Before

Emmy before.


We are so happy for little Emmy who has her forever home! Special thanks to Fran and Rebecca Godley for fostering, then ADOPTING this sweet girl!

Xena Adopted

Lilly, now Xena, is adopted! She even has her own Instagram site LOL!!!


We are very grateful to Sandy and her family for fostering her and getting her to be her best self, and to Brian Smith for opening up his heart and home to this sweet girl!!


Photography by Venture Photography

Steve Adoption

Steve found love and his forever home!

This little sweet pea is one happy guy!

From a shelter to the best life ahead!

Brother now Brodie

Look who got his forever home!!!

Yes, it's Brother now Brodie!

Thank you Jackie for saving him and Salena and Kegan for fostering him.

Claudia, thank you for opening your heart and home to this sweet boy. Happy tails, Brodie! No more worries for you, sweet guy! 

Carlie got adopted today! Her new mama was also her foster :) Carlie has hit it big and has an older fur sister whom she loves to play with all day!!!!

Happy tails, Carlie. You were found as a stray and now you never have to worry anymore.


Little Harry found his perfect person. Both are so in love!!! Special thanks to Tammy for fostering and to Judy for opening her home and heart to this sweet boy!!!

Bindi, now Tica, got adopted and we are so very happy!!!! This little nervous girl, found as a stray, now has her own fursibling and family to play with and love!


Special thanks to Chris and Eline for fostering and helping her be her best self. Thank you to Kellyanne, Oliver, and Kaia for welcoming her into their home!! Happy tails, little girl!

Bindi 1

Bindi, now Tica, waiting for her home.

Photography by Photo Studio

Victoria Adopted

Yay, Easter puppy Victoria found her forever home!!!

Best life to you, sweet girl!

Penny Adopted

Penny is a happy girl in her new forever home! Sweet life to you, baby girl!

Percy Adopted

Look who got his forever home!!! Yes it's Percy and he is so very happy!!!

Percy and his buddy Posey were found together in a very bad home and taken to a shelter — where Percy was so scared that he walked around with his food dish in my mouth. Those days are over now, big guy! Welcome to your loving family! Thank you so much Arianna for helping him be his best self and thank you Bob and Claire for opening your hearts and home to this sweet boy!!! 


We are SO HAPPY that Arlo, the wonderful stray boy from Bladen County Shelter, has found his forever home!!! Wishing you the best life, sweet Arlo and family!!!


Diesel, now Whiskey, got his New Year's wish....his very own family!! He is SO loved and SO excited about his new home ❤️☺️
Special thanks to Chris, Eline, and Nathan for helping him be his best self. Particular thanks to Ollie for TRYING to teach him 🤣❤️ We are so grateful to the Winters family for opening their hearts and home to this sweet boy!

Whiskey aka Diesel 1

Miss Posey not only got her forever home BUT is also the first of our pups to get adopted in 2024!!

She was found together with her buddy in a very bad home and taken to a shelter before getting her freedom ride. Posey is doing very well while being treated for a hurt leg, possibly due to something hard being wrapped around it. No longer leading a difficult life, Posey has hit the jackpot with her new home and is feeling all the love!!!

Thank you Arianna and Holly for fostering, and thank you Haley, Chris, and Jack for opening your hearts and home!!!!


We couldn't be happier for Major!!! 

Major was relinquished after being kept in a yard for the last 5 years of his life. He is blind but has learned to get along quite well. He is VERY social and loves to say hello to everyone. This boy is a VERY sweet guy.

Just look at him now! He hit the jackpot with his new forever family and knows what love is all about! 

From Major's adopters: We're enjoying life more than we ever imagined with our happy, smiley boy and it makes me happy to see that he is, too. We took Major with us to my hometown for our family holiday. My family fell in love with him just as much as we have. He met my family dogs. It's almost like my sheltie knew he was blind the way he interacted with him. They were so adorable running around barking together lol  It still amazes me how well he does without being able to see.

Hawaii now Shelly 2
Hawaii now Shelly 1

Little Hawaii, now Shelly, got her home for Christmas and no one was happier than she and her new family... except maybe us!

This nursing mama and her 6 newborn puppies came to us from the Bladen County Shelter. 

Special thanks to Becca, Fran & Jackie for fostering them all — and to Amy and family for adopting her!!! She finally has a home of her own and is so very happy!!!

One of Hawaii's puppies, Molokai, is having the best holiday so far! He's found his forever home just in time for the holidays! We couldn't be happier for this little man. Thank you to Paul and Crystal for opening your home and hearts to this baby. Happy trails! And thank you Becca and Jackie for fostering this little guy 😊

Kai 1

Look who got his Christmas present early this year! One of Hawaii's puppies, Kaho‘olawe, also known as Kai, was an extra good boy and got his forever home a few days before Christmas. Merry Christmas, little man. Special thanks to Becca, Fran & Jackie for fostering him and his mama, too! Thank you Maria and Tyler for loving this little guy!!! Merry Christmas everyone🎄

Kai 2
Hawaii's Puppies

Four more of Hawaii's puppies found their forever homes! 🏠💗

Layla, Pandi, Goldie, and Millie, originally named after the Hawaiian islands.


Thank you to their mamas for adopting! And to Becca, Fran & Jackie for fostering them all — and to their vets for assisting. Happy lives, little ones!!!

Oahu and Kaui, now Pandi Bear and Layla Lou, with their new fursibling


Maui, now Goldie


Lanai now Millie

Pixie Doodle

We are SOOO excited to share that Pixie Doodle found her home for Christmas!!! Although we love ALL of our pups, this little girl held a special place in our hearts. She was shot with BB bullets and was heartworm positive. She did not have a good start to life. But, despite this, her resiliency shows through every day in her happiness in being with her humans!!

If only we, as humans, could be so forgiving.....

Special thanks to Brooke for fostering her, then Kristyn for fostering and eventually adopting her. Pixie Doodle's first sunrise with her mama. The start of many more!!!

Look who found her forever home!!

Miss Wren, now Tuesday, with all of her fursiblings and family, couldn't be happier!!! 

Special thanks to Amy and Nick (fosters) for helping her and to Lindsay, Cameron, and family for adopting her.❤️

Look who got his Christmas wish, his very own forever home!! That's right.... It's Chico!! ❤️❤️🙌🏻


We had pulled Chico from a local shelter, with a rough start to life — sadly, living outside and then owner surrendered. Despite all of this, Chico is VERY sweet and found just what he needed!!! Lots of reassurance and love.❤️


Special thanks to Ali for being willing to help, and to Robert for continuing to foster him. Thank you Crawford, Jennifer, and family for opening your hearts and home to this sweet boy!

You never have to be alone again!!!


Piper in her new home, complete with her loving human and a fursibling to call her own!!!

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