Luna Adopted

Rosey, now Luna, was adopted! From the little Parvo girl, saved from the Bladen County Shelter, along with her 7 siblings, to a forever family. She joins rescued brother Apollo, on the left!

Happy life, sweet guys!

Destiny can know what love is!

Happy life, sweet one.

Spanky 1
Spanky 2

Spanky, now Arlo, the little stray from Bladen County Shelter, loves his new mama and new life! No more fear.

Loving the love!

Jake Adoption

Little Jake has found his people!

Welcome home, buddy! 

Reba & Dolly

Sweet mom Reba (now Lupita) with daughter Dolly before finding their new, wonderful families.

6-year-old chihuahua mama, Lupita (was Reba), has found her forever home!

Enjoy, little one!

Lupita's 2-year-old daughter, Dolly, is equally blessed with love.

You are safe now, baby girl!

Koda Adopted!

Koda is officially adopted!

Happy life, sweet guy!!!

Koda adopted
JellyBean Adopted.jpeg

JellyBean, now Roxy, has found her forever family to love! Sweet life, little one!

JellyBean Adopted.jpeg

Little 4-month-old Milo has found his forever home!

Milo, Percy, and Gunner were 3 puppies rescued from a ditch along with his other 8 siblings, all full of intestinal parasites.

The 3 pups given to Freedom Bridge are all well, thanks to our wonderful fosters!

And now Milo has his new family to give him love!

Percy Adopted

Percy, too, has been adopted by a loving family!

Happy trails, little one!

Percy adopted

Brother Gunner has happiness, too, with a wonderful family!

We're wishing you all

the best life!!!