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Forever Families!

It's OFFICIAL!!! Dodge has found his family after walking the streets alone!!! He even has a furry sibling to play with! 

Thank you so much to his fosters, Sarah and family, for helping him!

Thank you Ian and Lauren for opening your hearts and home 😊. Dodge agrees!!! ♥️


Miss Piper is feeling the love!

She gets to be part of a family with a doggie sibling, too!

Happy life to the precious girl who was found as a stray and never has to be alone again. 

Thank you, thank you, Cody and Sarah for opening your heart and your home to her.

Tanzy & Topaz 2

Look who got their forever family TOGETHER!!! Little Topaz and Tanzy (our twins), now Penny and Maggie, found their forever home! And the sisters get to stay together! 

Thank you Randall, to you and your family, for opening your heart and home to these two sweet girls. ❤️

Thank you for giving them a wonderful life!

Tanzy & Topaz 1
Topaz and Tanzy
Juliette Adopted

Little Juliette, now Lulu, was found as a stray with a bad front leg, likely from a pellet gun :(

She didn't let that stop her from finding her forever family to give her all the love she needs! She has a warm bed every night and is the new mascot of her dad's softball team. You're safe now, baby girl. Enjoy the wonderful life you so deserve.

Leo Adopted_edited.jpg

Another great adoption!

Leo landed his forever home

with Nick. Whoever said good things comes to those who wait was right!

Happy life, little guy!

Diamond Adopted

Diamond fit right in with her foster family!

We are so happy for them all as she joins her forever family with two doggie siblings!

Thank you for loving Diamond!

Little Wednesday found her forever home!!! From wandering in the street by herself, to so skinny and unable to hold her food down, we thought she may have mega esophagus (which she doesn't), to now living life large with her big brother. Thank you Sloane McNeill Long for helping her be her best self. Thank you Marissa for opening your home and heart!! Happy tails, little girl!


Meatball found his forever peeps! He was surrendered to the shelter because his person didn't want him anymore. His new mom and dad certainly want him.

He is so loved. Enjoy your new life, sweet boy.

Bruno, now Oliver, found his person!!! Yaaay, we are so happy for you little guy!

Thank you Chasity for opening your heart and home. Thank you Emily for fostering to get him ready for his new journey. Happy tails, little man!

Lola 2

Lola was found as a stray. She was heartworm positive but has completed her treatments and is now living her best life. 

She found her forever family!

Lola 1

Little Lila found her forever home!

Happiness to you and your forever family!

Precious now Pepper

Precious Mama, now Pepper, is a happy girl in her new home with so much love!


Look who got his very own forever home!!! Oliver, better known as Ollie Cow! Poor stray puppy with a broken front arm all by himself. Well, after great care by College Road Animal Hospital and his fosters, Jordan Quick and Daniel, he's aaaaallll better and ready to be a regular puppy. 

Thank you Kiernan for opening your heart and home to Ollie.

Oliver with splint
Rocco now Buck

Happiness for Rocco, now Buck, who has found love

in his forever home!

Milkshake now Alfie

Milkshake, now Alfie, is a happy cuddler with her papa and doggie siblings.
You are safe and loved, little one!

Boone now Mylo

Little Boone, now Mylo, is safe in the arms of his new mama.
Feel the love, sweet guy!

After being surrendered to the shelter, Salty, now Darla, has found her forever home! 
You'll never be given up again, sweet girl.
Enjoy your new life. Thanks to Heidi for adopting her and Deborah for fostering.

Salty, now Darla
Cash Adopted

Today is THE day!!

Cash found his bestest ever forever home!! Starved, surrendered, and scared, this boy has gone from rags to riches.

He's had a long journey to Elizabeth but she is his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Thank you Rebecca Godley, Diane Smithies, Billie and Jim Bechold, Robert Crook, and Jeff Coltenback for being part of his journey. It takes a village.

Forever grateful!

Quentin was found as a stray and now has found his family!

Relaxing with sister Bumble.

You have a good life now, bud!


Maizy was adopted after 6 months of waiting. She's doing so well! It was worth her wait to find the best home.

Happiness, sweet one!

Kimber 2

Kimber is feeling the love from his new family, including his new doggie sibling!

Wiley now Otto

A match made in heaven!

Wiley, now Otto (short for Otter), was found as a stray and is such an amazing little dog that we placed him in a first-time foster. Needless to say, his foster couldn't bare to let him go!

Otto was home to stay. 

Congratulations, little one!

Jenny adoption 1

Look at Miss Jenny!

She's a senior gal who was found as a stray.

This sweet little lady had a rough go of things, but now she has found her forever home with a wonderful couple who just love her so much! 

She needed to have a mammary tumor removed and still needs dental, but her amazing foster helped her decompress;

and now, only happy things ahead for Miss Jenny!

Minion with Fur Sibling

Little Minion was found as a stray with a fractured jaw and imploded right eye from blunt force trauma.

Look at her now! Sweet Minion may have only one eye, but she has a heart full of love with her two fur siblings and her new Mama's love.

A note from Minion's new mama:

"I want you to know how happy I am with Minion. She is adorable in so many ways. She makes me smile. And she also makes Coconut so happy. She is perfect."


Look who found her forever home!!! Mama Suri, found by the graveyard with 3 of her puppies, is scared no more!

It took a hot minute but Suri says Pat was worth the wait. 

Special thanks to her foster, Sandy, for helping Suri to be her best self!

Suri's puppies Scout (now Gus), Inky (now Murphy), and Gravy (now Morgan) have found their new forever homes!!!

Gravy and Mama

Tank, now Percy, our super sweet Pyrenees, was found underweight

as a stray.

Look at him smiling with his new family!

Surrounded by love!

Denver Adoption

Little Denver is right at home with his new forever family, complete with a big doggie sibling and lots of love!!!

Luna Adopted

Rosey, now Luna, was adopted! From the little Parvo girl, saved from the Bladen County Shelter, along with her 7 siblings, to a forever family. She joins rescued brother Apollo, on the left!

Happy life, sweet guys!

Spanky 1
Spanky 2

Spanky, now Arlo, the little stray from Bladen County Shelter, loves his new mama and new life! No more fear.

Loving the love!

Jake Adoption

Little Jake has found his people!

Welcome home, buddy! 


Destiny can know what love is!

Happy life, sweet one.

Reba & Dolly

Sweet mom Reba (now Lupita) with daughter Dolly before finding their new, wonderful families.

6-year-old chihuahua mama, Lupita (was Reba), has found her forever home!

Enjoy, little one!

Lupita's 2-year-old daughter, Dolly, is equally blessed with love.

You are safe now, baby girl!


Little 4-month-old Milo has found his forever home!

Milo, Percy, and Gunner were 3 puppies rescued from a ditch along with his other 8 siblings, all full of intestinal parasites.

The 3 pups given to Freedom Bridge are all well, thanks to our wonderful fosters!

And now Milo has his new family to give him love!

Percy Adopted

Percy, too, has been adopted by a loving family!

Happy trails, little one!

Percy adopted
Koda Adopted!

Koda is officially adopted!

Happy life, sweet guy!!!

Koda adopted
JellyBean Adopted.jpeg
JellyBean Adopted.jpeg

JellyBean, now Roxy, has found her forever family to love! Sweet life, little one!


Brother Gunner has happiness, too, with a wonderful family!

We're wishing you all

the best life!!!

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