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Einstein's Journey —

Our Beloved Mascot

Einstein 3

Einstein sat in his kennel at Animal Control — discarded, sad, and old. I can't imagine his view of the world through his filmy eyes and lack of hearing. To be in a home one day and in a loud kennel the next must have been such a frightening experience. 

I saw Einstein and I saw our little Googly Goo, who is also a senior. I saw the sadness in Einstein's eyes and his confusion as to what happened and I knew he had to get out right away. We had a foster but I needed to have him stay with us for a bit before she could take him.

He came home and shortly after went to the vet. Initially he seemed fine, just older, until he couldn't hold down any food or water. His belly was slightly distended. On further examination, it was identified that he had Cushing's Syndrome and a splenic tumor. Unfortunately, his tumor was not operable given his age and location. He was not going to live long. It was at that moment that my husband and I determined that Einstein would go nowhere, but stay with us until his time came.

During the 2 months he was with us, I posted his journey on Facebook. He became a star and people would wait for his next bucket list adventure. We were careful not to do anything that stressed him but only things he enjoyed. He went to see the sunrise on the beach. He had a birthday party with some of his furbaby and human friends. He had multiple Puppuccinos, hung out with the Carolina Beach fire department, went to see his favorite vet (not for care but just to say hi), and hung out with his doppleganger Google. He went for short walks and would just stop and look around, as if to take in the scenery. He went and picked out treats at PetSuppliesPlus on CB road and got blessed at Pets in the Park. He loved car rides with the windows slightly down and the wind on his face.

Then came the terrible day that he no longer knew where he was and was struggling to walk. He had bled significantly and it was time to allow him peace. We brought him to his favorite vet and with my husband and me by his side, he passed peacefully. 

We will always miss him and my eyes are raining as I type this. He sits with us on our mantel, along with other loved furbabies. Einstein, you will forever be in my heart. You changed me and I hope you felt all the love from everyone who knew you! Run free sweet boy!

— Diana Topjian, Founder & President

     Freedom Bridge Animal Rescue NC

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