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Even More Forever Families!

Finnagen 2
Finnegan now Kodak

Yay!!! Sweet Finnegan, now Kodak, has found his forever family! 

Wishing you the happiest life, little one!


A woman saw a sad-looking picture of a beagle on Bladen County Shelter FB page. When she called about him, he was still on a stray hold and couldn't be adopted. Our rescue saw the same dog when we were there pulling another. When his hold was up, we pulled him.

The woman who reached out initially called the shelter again, only to learn that Oliver had been pulled by Freedom Bridge! A few days later, we got an email from this woman asking if we had Oliver.

Oliver after pulled

Oliver, now Charlie, has since been adopted by the woman who never gave up trying to find him.


This match was definitely meant to happen.


Happy tails, Charlie!


Sweet Cara, now Maya, an owner surrender, has found her perfect match with Lindsay Buffkin!!


She is the greeter for her clients 

and is surrounded by love.


Thank you Alexandra Lysik for helping her

become her best self!!! 


Sunshine, now Billie Jean, has gone from rags to riches!!! From being shot with a pellet gun so she and her sibling would run (dumped) to living the life of the queen she so deserves!!!


Our fabulous foster, Dawn Faughnan Marshburn and her husband Kenny (and of course, Abbie, the Mama to all rescues) helped her learn that there are good humans in this world.


Then came her adopter Jeff Wright who stood by her as she adjusted through her separation anxiety. They were meant to be together!!! Happy tails, sweet girl!


Yay for Jackson!

The 4-month-old Pit mix who was found in a box with his siblings!

He's been adopted and has a loving, forever family!

Charlie, the 5-month-old Lab/Dane, who was found as a stray

never has to go wanting again.

He found his new, forever family!

Happy life, little one!

Betty White

Betty White was 5 months old and listed on craigslist as unwanted.

Betty White 1.JPG
Betty White 2

Just look at her now!

Surrounded by love and wanted with all their hearts!

Happy life, Ms Betty!!!


4-month-old Nova was found as a stray.


Nova has gotten healthy and strong, and is now looking so peaceful in her new forever home.

Happy trails, sweet girl!


Haven, now Omega, was terrified in the shelter and came from a bad situation. Her family took her to the shelter because another family member threw things at her and kicked her.


Look at her now! Bless this sweetheart!

She found her loving, forever family and couldn't be happier.

This is why we do what we do!


Little Earth found his forever papa!

Lots of love to you, sweet pea!

Earth with Papa

Happiness for sister Wind, now Shelby, as she gets lots of love from her new family of humans and pups!


9-year-old Cici found her new home!

Sweet girl needs teeth extracted and then will be living her best life!!! 

Watson Adopted

Little Watson found his forever family!

Happy life, sweet guy!

Azul now Bailey 3
Azul now Bailey 4
Azul now Bailey Adopted

Bless Azul, now Bailey, who found the perfect family for him to give and feel the love! ❤️ 

Ted 3
Ted Adopted 2
Ted with New Sibling
Ted Adopted 1

Ted was officially adopted today! One of 4 siblings dumped at the shelter, Ted is now living his best life with a loving family and a big sister! 

Enjoy, sweet boy.

Porter 2

Look who got adopted! Little Porter has a new family. One of the 4 siblings, along with Ted, who was dumped at the shelter, she now has a (big!) doggie sibling and a family with kids. She's living the good life.

Porter Adopted
Porter 3
Betty White 1
Betty White 2

Betty White was adopted!

Welcome to a wonderful life, sweet pea!

Daisy Roo Adopted

Daisy Roo found her forever home! 

She loves her new humans and adores her new brother. Have a great life, sweetie.

Apollo got adopted! He is already spoiled by his parents. He has discovered a love for the couch. Enjoy your new life, little one.

Apollo Adopted
Salem Adopted

Salem officially got adopted today. She was found wandering the streets near Winston-Salem and brought to Wilmington by a good Samaritan. Initially she was wary of people and scared of loud noises. Now, she is friendly to everyone and no longer scared. And she has a brother she loves. And a great mom and dad. Enjoy your happy life, sweet girl.

Cora Adopted

Cora was found in the woods underweight and missing some hair. Today she was adopted. She has great parents and loves her new brother. Enjoy your wonderful new life, sweet girl.

Major Adopted

This is Major. He is a beautiful, full bully breed. We got called and were his last hope before being euthanized. I remember when I first met him. I looked in his eyes and you could see his kind soul. He was one of our very first rescues and I knew we were taking a big chance on him, but he had some other great folks pulling for him.


Leanne Marie Scalfaro Esteves, Leigh Anna Willard and I had to try. So, Major went to Jeff Coltenback for enrichment training and assessment. He stayed with Jeff for awhile until his Angel Ameda Handy saw him and knew immediately that they were meant to be together.


Major also had heartworms so not only had he been passed around from person to person and returned multiple times to shelters, he was also not healthy. Ameda didn't care. She knew that together we would get him healthy again. It wasn't easy and he also decided eating a couch was on the menu BUT Ameda and her husband hung in there with him.

He is soooo happy and soooo loved. He even smiles when he sleeps. Thank you to EVERYONE who made this happen for Major! THIS is rescue.

Chocolate now Oreo 3_edited.jpg
Chocolate now Oreo 2
Chocolate now Oreo 1

Chocolate, now Oreo, has a family of her very own. She was the longest shelter resident, at no fault of her own. She did not do well at events because she was overzealous in wanting to meet everyone. All she wanted was a family to love her. And now she has one. Lucky you, sweet girl. Enjoy your great new life.

Lil Bean, on the left, who was the runt of the Coffee Pup litter, was the last to find herself the perfect home!!! Two loving parents and a big sister, Delia, on the right, who is showing her the ropes.


We are SOOOOO happy for Lil Bean!

We love you!

Adopted Lil Bean

All 6 of the sweet coffee puppies have found their forever homes!!!

Surrounded by love!


Shy little Salem who was found wandering alone, is so happy to have found love and consistency in her new home!


One-year-old Cora was a stray who was found in very bad shape. Thanks to her fostering and now forever family, she is back in good health and sweet as can be!

Stella Adopted

Espresso, now Stella, with her new forever family!!

Rosebud Adopted!

Sweet Rosebud got adopted!

And clearly loves her new, big sibling! 

She deserves all the love

she is getting now!

Tilly Adopted

Bailey, now Tilly, has found her forever home!!!  Enjoy little girl!!!

We are so happy for wonderful Blu and his new forever family!

Blu is deaf in one ear from untreated infections that closed his ear canal, but that doesn't stop him from living his best life now!

Blu Adopted.jpeg
Liberty 3
Liberty 2
Liberty 4

Liberty Finally Found A Forever Home…. 

From her Foster Dad: "This foster pup, Liberty, we had here from the shelter. She survived from Parvo after a huge expense from Freedom Bridge Animal Rescue and now has finally found her forever home. She has a playmate, a little boy who adopted her as his doggy, and a family who will take care of her every need with unconditional love. She is happy and saved. Adoption saves lives and makes friends/family!"

We are so happy for sweet Liberty

and her new forever family!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Yay! Waylon, the tan pup, was officially adopted today!

What a great life he will have with his new brother!

Miss Cali

Look at Miss Cali (formerly Pearl) just lovin' life! We're so happy for you, sweet girl! ❤️ 

Buddy now Freddie Adopted

A new forever home for Buddy, now Freddie (white pup), to share with his new sibling!!!
Wonderful to see him feeling safe and loved! 

Hodges now Teak on left

It warms our hearts to see little Hodges, now Teak (on the left), snuggling with his new best buddy! Happy life, little one!!!


We are so happy for sweet River!!!
After roaming the streets for months, emaciated, going through heartworm treatments, learning to be in a home, and discovering the love that comes with human touch, sweet River has found his forever person. The only streets you'll wander now, dear boy, are those you walk with your new mama. Enjoy.


Mattie is with her foster-to-adopt family.
Lucky family and lucky little one!!! 
❤️  ❤️
She was left in a box at a gas station, in the rain, at about 3 months old. The vet said that Mattie was very anemic and would not have lived to see another day if a good Samaritan had not found her and called Freedom Bridge Animal Rescue to come save her. Now she has the happiest life
with her new family!!!


Feebie found her forever home! Her human died, so she was taken to the shelter, and now she has a little girl of her very own.
Enjoy, Sweetheart!


Raisin found his forever home!!! His little tail was wagging as his new parents held him.
Have a great life, sweet boy.

Precious Thorn, now Banjo, and one of the sweet hound mix siblings, found a forever family that was meant to be!
Happiness, little one!


Trip, aka Jet (one of our Parvo pups) found his forever home!!!
We are so grateful to his new family for their love.

Faith Adopted.jpeg
Faith in Car
Faith Before

We are SO happy for our little Faith who came to us with SEVERE Demodex Mange.

Sweet Faith has found her forever home where she is healthy, happy, and loved. This would not be possible without our great fosters and adopters!

Gus & Family

Look who got his forever home today! Gus had several applications and he found himself exactly where he needed to be with these cuties!

Missy Loved
Missy with Human

Missy officially got adopted!!! She's been with her people as fosters for awhile but had to go through heartworm treatment. Now it's official!
Congratulations, Missy & family!!!

PawPrints Magazine Cover - June 2021
Remi & Sibling

Honey, now Remi, was featured on the cover of PawPrints magazine in June 2021 and now has
found her forever home. She is best of friends with her new sibling, Blu!
All happiness to you,
little one!


Look at our little Schnorkie/Chihuhua siblings...
They all found their people!

Happy tails, Joanne, Lavender (now Piper), and Collins!!!




Lavender, now Piper!



Ripley 2.jpeg
Ripley 1.jpeg

Ripley with his new doggie and human family!!!

Ripley 3.jpeg

Aaaaw Look at sweet Louise!!!

She's gorgeous and living her best life. Thanks so much for loving her! ❤️ ❤️

The Best

Zeus, the white and black pittie,
has been adopted!!!

Pre-Adoption Event

4-month-old brothers, Juniper and Jack, now Loki, have found their forever homes!!!


Brother Jack, now Loki, found his lucky forever family!

Love and happiness!!!


Loki loves chasing leaves and carrying every pinecone in sight. He likes long walks at Smith Creek Park and puppacinos from Starbucks. 


UPDATE: "I could never thank you guys enough for trusting us with this perfect boy (who has since doubled in weight, now at 45lbs)!!"


Officially adopted!

Cooper has a new forever family!


Congratulations, little Misa! You found your forever home!!!

Jetson 2.jpeg

Way to go, Jetson!!!

Found your forever home, little guy.

We love you!!


One-year-old Clyde was left in the house when his family moved and was never socialized. After 6 weeks with a trainer, look at this happy fellow now in his new forever home!


Molly got adopted by her foster dad!
She came to us with PTSD from a shelter after being aggressed by another dog in the home where she had lived.
Have a great life, sweet girl! From abuse, to HW treatment to happily ever after.

Buttercup on right.jpeg

Buttercup (on right) with her new family!

Buttercup on left.jpeg

Buttercup (on left) at home
with her new brothers!

Zoey Pup.jpg

Zoey is so happy in her new home
with her big doggie sibling!


Look who found her people!!! Thank you Kelli for helping her be her best self and start a new fabulous life!!  
Happy Tails, Daisy!!


JJ, now Zoey (the little tri-color pup), found her new siblings and is happy as can be!!


Remember Snoopy, now Cooper?
This is why we do what we do!


Look at Honey!!
No more shelter and NO euthanizing.
Her story is just beginning!

Miss Queenie.jpeg

This is Miss Queenie, pulled from a shelter
with skin issues and demodex mange.
Look at her now!!

Heaven & Miko.
Miko in Car

8-year-old Miko is one happy beagle!
After being surrendered by his owner, he has now found his grateful, forever family!

Many adoptions.jpg
Many adoptions

350+ adoptions in just the last 4+ years
since Freedom Bridge NC began!

All pups deserve love and good health.
This is why we do what we do!

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