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AGE: Approximately 5-6 years old

BREED: Shih Tzu Mix


BACKGROUND: Emmy and Joi Belle came from the same home, which was an unfortunate situation where her owner passed. No one found them for 2 days.  

NEEDS: Emmy is very sweet. She probably needs another pup for company. We initially thought the 2 were bonded, however, Emmy is okay as long as there's another pup. She has a little bit of "stranger danger" but, if you go slowly with her, she trusts easily so then all is good.

HEALTH ISSUES: ​Emmy is ready for her new home! She is HW-, spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, and microchipped.

Emmy Before



AGE: Approximately 1-2 years old

BREED: Chihuhua Mix


BACKGROUND: Buster is a sweet boy. He loves other pups but would also do well as an only.  

NEEDS: Buster is looking for his forever family! 

HEALTH ISSUES: ​Buster started out not so good with all of his skin issues. We've determined that he has a chicken allergy so, now that we know, his skin is getting better. He is HW-, neutered, and up-to-date on vaccines.


AGE: Approximately 4 months old

BREED: Not sure of his breed mix. He was listed as a Tree Walker at the shelter but only 9lbs at 4mos, so who knows.


BACKGROUND: Steve has the most awesome personality 😊 He is a super-sweet little guy!  He has a big personality and is soooo smart. He is already almost housebroken.

NEEDS: This sweet pea needs a loving home to call his own! 

HEALTH ISSUES: He's getting his vaccines, and is neutered and chipped.  

Steve on WECT




AGE: Approximately 7 years old

BREED: Poodle Mix


BACKGROUND: Joi Belle and Emmy came from the same home. She was a bit of a hot mess, as you can see in our Before photo, but got a good trim at the groomers and feels much better!

NEEDS: Joi Belle only weighs 4 lbs. She is very sweet, and loves to sit on laps or wrapped in blankets. She would be fine as an only for someone who is home and just wants a lap pup.

HEALTH ISSUES: Joi Belle's health status is pending. She does need a full dental with all teeth extracted :but she'll be okay. More to come after her vetting.

Joie Belle Before

Joie Belle BEFORE

Bart 3
Bart 4
Bart 2
Bart 1


AGE: Approximately 3 years old

BREED: German Shepherd Mix


BACKGROUND: Freedom ride finally came for this beautiful boy! He was a stray and was at the shelter for several months.

NEEDS: Bart is now out with his fantastic fosters, Caitlyn and David. All this sweet guy needs now is his forever home.   

HEALTH ISSUES: Info to come

Victoria as a puppy and as a newborn. 

Victoria Pup


AGE: 10.5 months old

BREED: Boxer/Bully Mix

SEX: F  

BACKGROUND: Born on Easter Sunday, this sweet girl lost her mother to childbirth but was found along with her siblings and raised to be happy and playful. Victoria is working with her foster Jeff, also her trainer, to help her do better with her manners. She cries a lot when she is being crate-trained because she is alone, and has had trouble with the other pup in the house who doesn’t want her to be in charge.

NEEDS: Jeff believes that she will be fine as an only, but would love for her to have a fursibling to keep her company; preferably a male pup who will let her boss him around a bit and not get mad. Jeff will continue to be available, at no cost, for phone consultations about anything on which Victoria’s new family needs advice. She really is a good girl and will continue to learn with help from her new human.

HEALTH ISSUES: Victoria is healthy, microchipped, and up-to-date on all core vaccines.


Look how agile and silly Victoria is as she glides off of her chair!

Penny fka Sheila


AGE: Approximately 8 months old

BREED: Chihuahua Mix


BACKGROUND: This little peanut was found as a stray. She is understandably very shy and nervous.  

NEEDS: Penny needs some decompression time and a family with enough patience to help her learn to be in a loving home.

HEALTH ISSUES: She is spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccines. Penny is ready to know love and find her forever home!

These 6 baby girls, and 1 baby boy, were found on the side of the road with their mama who had passed away after giving birth on Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023. A Good Samaritan picked up the puppies and reached out for help because the babies needed to be bottle fed.

With loving help from fosters and volunteers, all seven puppies are playful and happy. Six of the pups have found homes! Now it's Victoria's turn to find her forever family. We love this Easter baby! Your someone is coming soon, little one! ❤️

Bindi 1
Bindi 3


AGE: Approximately 2 years old

BREED: Aussie/Shepherd Mix


BACKGROUND: Despite being found as a stray, Bindi is a very sweet, slightly nervous girl who was overwhelmed in the shelter.

No worries now sweetheart, we gotchya. Thank you Dan for being willing to foster her!!!

NEEDS: Bindi loves people and seems to do well with other pups. She is looking for a loving home where she can play and do her zoomies, so a fenced yard and active family would be best for her. She's currently with 2 cats that she avoids, if possible :) She does love to play, so another pup with similar energy would help her gain confidence and decrease her anxiety of not always being with her human. Given that we don't know how long she was on her own, who can blame her right? As with most herding pups, she appreciates having a "job."  She does get a bit anxious in her crate; however, her foster is working with her on that. 

When you pet her (and she loves petting), she'll roll over so you can rub her belly. Belly rubs are her favorite. She's super sweet and is just waiting for her very own forever home. 

HEALTH ISSUES: Bindi is getting vetted, is up-to-date on core vaccines, including bordetella, and is awaiting final lepto booster. She is spayed, microchipped, and ready for her forever family.

Bindi 2









Everest Pup
Aurora Pup
Canyon Now Porsche Pup
Reef Pup
Pari Pup
Rio Pup
Spanky 2


AGE: Approximately 3 years old

BREED: Mixed Breed


BACKGROUND: Arlo was a little stray from Bladen County Shelter. He is a very sweet and shy boy. He was adopted a year ago, however, due to unforeseen health issues with his owner, he is searching for a new home. He looks greyhound, but DNA came back not showing any greyhound... ...hmmmm.

NEEDS: Arlo does well in his crate, and seems to do well with other pups. But no cats, please :) He is waiting with his paws crossed, for his new forever home. 

HEALTH ISSUES: This wonderful guy is fully vetted, up-to-date on vaccines, microchipped, and neutered. 

Brother 1


AGE: Approximately 9 months old

BREED: Weimaraner Mix


BACKGROUND: Brother was found alone, with indications — from his bones protruding — that he was a stray for a long time. He is happy and safe with a foster family now, and has begun to put on weight.

NEEDS: Brother is a super sweet boy. He loves to play and would love a fur sister who loves to play, too. He needs a fenced yard so he can do his zoomies and play.

HEALTH ISSUES: Brother still needs medical treatment, but he is recovering well from his neglect, and is looking for a special home.

Brother 2


AGE: Approximately 1 year old

BREED: Bully/Hound Mix

SEX: M   

BACKGROUND: We pulled Chico from a local shelter where he was an owner surrender. He had a rough start to life, sadly, living outside, and is in need of reassurance and love.

NEEDS: Chico is VERY sweet. Because of his puppy energy, a fenced yard is required. Ideally another pup (a well-balanced female) would be helpful for him to continue to learn.

HEALTH ISSUES: Chico is healthy, neutered, and will be getting vetted. This little one deserves to know what love is all about!




AGE: Approximately 2 years old

BREED: To come

SEX: M  

BACKGROUND: Percy and his buddy Posey were found together in a very bad home. They were taken to a shelter where Percy was really scared — so scared that he walked around with his food dish in my mouth. Posey has just found her forever home. Percy is waiting for his.

NEEDS: This guy is as sweet as can be! He needs a loving family of his own to show him what a good life is.

HEALTH ISSUES: We are grateful that Percy is heartworm negative. He is up-to-date on core vaccines and vetted; neutered and microchipped; and ready for his forever family.



AGE: Approximately 1.5 years old

BREED: To come


BACKGROUND: Willow has had a very sad start to life. When she was finally brought to a shelter, she was so scared that she couldn't stop shaking and didn't want to eat. While she has adapted well to her foster family, where there are other pups, she is still very scared. Willow's eyes are very beautiful, looking as though they are circled with eye liner!

NEEDS: This little one deserves to have hugs and kisses from a loving, forever family!

HEALTH ISSUES: Willow is healthy, spayed, micro-chipped, and heartworm negative.

Roger with Bone
Roger Adopted!

Look who was officially adopted this week! Rodger aka Roger. An amazing boy found his amazing family. We couldn't be happier for you all!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Whiskey aka Diesel 1


AGE: Approximately 1-2 years old

BREED: To come


BACKGROUND: We pulled Diesel from a shelter a couple of weeks ago. He's a sweet boy who still acts like a puppy. He is doing so well in his foster home.

NEEDS: Diesel is a very happy guy! He would do great with a playful female. He is still learning his manners, but he's trying. He should have a fenced in backyard so he can do his zoomies. He's an energetic, playful pup looking for his forever home!

HEALTH ISSUES: His vet check was good! HW- and will be up-to-date on all core vaccines. Diesel has been neutered and microchipped. He's a healthy guy, ready for his forever family!

Whiskey aka Diesel 3
Whiskey aka Diesel 2
Whiskey aka Diesel 4


AGE: Approximately 1 year old

BREED: To come


BACKGROUND: Posey and Percy were found together in a very bad home and taken to a shelter. Posey is doing very well while being treated for a hurt leg, possibly due to something hard being wrapped around it.

NEEDS: She is a pretty girl and is getting love for the first time in her foster home. Posey will do well with a fur sibling and a fenced-in backyard so she can do her zoomies, run around, and play.

HEALTH ISSUES: The vet says that Posey's leg is healing. Like Percy, she is luckily heartworm negative. She is also up-to-date on core vaccines and vetted. Posey will soon be spayed and microchipped. Then she will be ready for her forever family.


AGE: Approximately 4 - 5 years old