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$5,000 Reward
Maverick 2
Maverick 1

Let me tell you a story......(location Wilmington NC)

Maverick was probably purposely starved and he either got out or was dumped when the "fun" was over! He came to Animal Control in acute distress and was taken care of by Becca, one of our fosters (who brought him home to help him heal). He was seen at Animal Emergency & Trauma Hospital twice and then we took him under rescue. He went to our vet, who started IVs, antibiotics, and various medications to help him.


He came home with me for the night to observe him hourly. He and I lay together most of the night. His eyes, so gentle and soft, told me he forgave the human who did this to him. I cried while I held him, trying to get him just to eat a little. He went back to our vet first thing in the morning. Sadly, they called me an hour or so later and said, he is suffering now and it was time to send him to Rainbow Bridge.


He died in my arms, still with those forgiving eyes as if to say "it's ok. I will be free now." Well, I CANNOT AND WILL NOT FORGIVE!!! This is an unspeakable act of cruelty. Sadly, he only represents what happens EVERY day in our community. PLEASE continue to share Maverick's story. I WILL find this S.O.B. if it's the last thing I do.


Thank you to ALL of you who have shared, cared, and put forth donation amounts for the reward. Maverick and I are forever grateful!!!! It is up to us now as there are NO videos. Feel free to copy, print, and put up the flyer, should you so choose. Thank you again.

Love, Maverick and me 

Thank you, Diana

Freedom Bridge Founder & President

Found Poster

"Unfortunately, Taco Bell did not have any video footage that showed Maverick being dumped. I am now putting reward posters all throughout Wilmington. IF you would like to copy and post some in your neighborhoods, that would be great! We really don't know where he came from so it's like searching for a needle in a haystack BUT someone knows something and I will keep going until the POS (Piece of ****) is found. It's in our hands now, as a community. I will post the reward amount once I have the total. Offers are still coming in, for which I am most grateful!!! Together we will bring justice for Maverick and all others currently in the same situation. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SHARES/REPOSTS/OFFERS TO HELP!! Maverick is smiling down from Rainbow Bridge." Diana, Freedom Bridge Founder

Reward for Maverick
WECT Story on Maverick

PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHARE! We NEED to find the person(s) responsible. Someone knows something.

A starved pup's death should NOT be in vain. Maverick IS the voice of all the neglected and abused! Help us find who did this. If you see something, SAY something! These poor souls have only OUR voice. Together we can make a difference.

Even as he was dying, his eyes were forgiving... WE CANNOT and WILL NOT forgive. Rest in peace, sweet boy, and know that we are continuing to fight your battle for you and all those like you!

#JusticeForMaverick #FreedomBridgeAnimalRescueNC

FBAR Event March 2




AGE: Approximately 3 - 4 years old

BREED: American Staffordshire Terrier


BACKGROUND: Wallen was removed from an abusive home. He has come a long way since he’s been with his fosters.

NEEDS: He is a very sweet boy who needs someone patient to help him re-acclimate slowly. He is learning to trust, after his experience in the home where he was removed. This special guy needs a chance! Wallen loves people and has been doing well in his fosters’ home with their pups. He does need a slow introduction to other pups (he gets very excited). He would be good with a balanced female or as an only. He may be too rough for small children at this point. His forever home should have a fenced yard, patient people, and a place where he can rest his weary head. Am Staff experience or similar breed experience preferred. 

HEALTH ISSUES: Wallen is up-to-date on core vaccines and vetted. He is neutered and microchipped. He is also, surprisingly, HW-!!! and on preventions. Yay, Wallen!

Wallen Valentine

Sweetest guy Wallen is so loving with his little foster fursibling. He is waiting patiently for his forever home.

Victoria as a puppy and as a newborn. 

Victoria Pup


AGE: 10.5 months old

BREED: Boxer/Bully Mix

SEX: F  

BACKGROUND: Born on Easter Sunday, this sweet girl lost her mother to childbirth but was found along with her siblings and raised to be happy and playful. Victoria is working with her foster Jeff, also her trainer, to help her do better with her manners. She cries a lot when she is being crate-trained because she is alone, and has had trouble with the other pup in the house who doesn’t want her to be in charge.

NEEDS: Jeff believes that she will be fine as an only, but would love for her to have a fursibling to keep her company; preferably a male pup who will let her boss him around a bit and not get mad. Jeff will continue to be available, at no cost, for phone consultations about anything on which Victoria’s new family needs advice. She really is a good girl and will continue to learn with help from her new human.

HEALTH ISSUES: Victoria is healthy, microchipped, and up-to-date on all core vaccines.


Look how agile and silly Victoria is as she glides off of her chair!

WECT Pet of the Week

On her freedom ride from the shelter. We gotcha now, little one! No more hard life for you — just lots of love! ❤️  

WECT Pet of the Week


AGE: Approximately 5 years old

BREED: Staffordshire Terrier Mix


BACKGROUND: Poochie was pulled from the euthanasia list at a shelter. She's very sweet and a little shy right now, but perks up when other pups are around.

NEEDS: She would probably do best with a male furbrother to help continue to build her confidence. We're still learning more about her.  

HEALTH ISSUES: Poochie is spayed, up-to-date on core vaccines and bordetella, as well as microchipped. 

Poochie 2


AGE: Approximately 1.5 years old

BREED: Labrador Mix


BACKGROUND: Maddie was found alone, wandering downtown. A good Samaritan helped her. After stray hold, we took her under rescue.

NEEDS: She is a very sweet girl and still has puppy energy. Maddie is good with small children and other pups. Cats are unknown. She just needs to find her forever home to show her love!

HEALTH ISSUES: Maddie is in good health and up-to-date on vaccines. Waiting to find her people to love.




AGE: Approximately 6 years old

BREED: Beagle Mix


BACKGROUND: Ryder was found as a stray and the little guy was terrified in the shelter. He’s likely never been in a house before we rescued him.

NEEDS: Ryder was scared of everything, which is no surprise after everything he must have been through — but, he is coming out of his shell nicely! He definitely needs a fenced-in yard. He Probably would benefit from having another pup in the house to help him continue to build confidence. He’s very shy and needs patience for him to trust. He is good with other dogs in his foster home. It is unknown how he is with cats or small children. 

HEALTH ISSUES: Ryder is HW+ and has started treatment. We cover all expenses for HW treatment. Neutered, up to date on vaccines, and chipped.

Ryder Rescued

Ryder on his freedom ride from the shelter where he was so scared.


Sweet boy in a house for the first time.

Little Ryder getting to know his foster family and learning about caring.




AGE: Approximately 7 years old

BREED: Poodle Mix


BACKGROUND: Joi Belle and Emmy came from the same home. She was a bit of a hot mess, as you can see in our Before photo, but got a good trim at the groomers and feels much better!

NEEDS: Joi Belle only weighs 4 lbs. She is very sweet, and loves to sit on laps or wrapped in blankets. She would be fine as an only for someone who is home and just wants a lap pup.

HEALTH ISSUES: Joi Belle's health status is pending. She does need a full dental with all teeth extracted :but she'll be okay. More to come after her vetting.

Joie Belle Before

Joie Belle BEFORE


AGE: Approximately 5-6 years old

BREED: Shih Tzu Mix


BACKGROUND: Emmy and Joi Belle came from the same home, which was an unfortunate situation where her owner passed. No one found them for 2 days.  

NEEDS: Emmy is very sweet. She probably needs another pup for company. We initially thought the 2 were bonded, however, Emmy is okay as long as there's another pup. She has a little bit of "stranger danger" but, if you go slowly with her, she trusts easily so then all is good.

HEALTH ISSUES: ​Emmy is ready for her new home! She is HW-, spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, and microchipped.

Emmy Before


Pebbles Valentine



AGE: Approximately 5 months old

BREED: Bully Breed Mix


BACKGROUND: Pebbles was an owner surrender out of a bad situation. She MAY need a front leg amputation. Poor girl is a hot mess, but despite all this, is just a happy go lucky girl.

NEEDS: Pebbles is as sweet as can be! She would do best with another furbaby as a playmate to help her with some of her puppy energy. She will probably be a bigger girl, so early training is highly recommended.

HEALTH ISSUES: Pebbles has two back-leg growth-plate fractures which have had surgery to stabilize. She's doing well after her surgery and hasn't lost her sunny and happy disposition. We will be covering all expenses to make sure she is good to go. She is also getting spayed soon. She's not ready yet, but is coming soon. 


AGE: Approximately 1.5 - 2 years old

BREED: Shepherd Mix


BACKGROUND: Tigger was pulled from the shelter.

NEEDS: Tigger is super sweet! He is a big goof ball (65lbs). Tigger is very attentive to his humans. He's learning his manners and tries very hard to please. He's just an all around fun pup!

HEALTH ISSUES: ​He is HW-, neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, and microchipped. Ready to find his forever family!


AGE: Approximately 1 year old



BACKGROUND: Carlie was pulled from the shelter.

NEEDS: This sweet girl has puppy energy. Carlie loves to play, so another pup would help with her energy. A fenced yard is important so she can do her zoomies. She is learning her commands with her foster and is very smart!

HEALTH ISSUES: Carlie is healthy: HW-, up-to-date on vaccines, spayed, microchipped. 


AGE: Approximately 4 months old

BREED: Not sure of his breed mix. He was listed as a Tree Walker at the shelter but only 9lbs at 4mos, so who knows.


BACKGROUND: Steve has the most awesome personality 😊 He is a super-sweet little guy!  He has a big personality and is soooo smart. He is already almost housebroken.

NEEDS: This sweet pea needs a loving home to call his own! 

HEALTH ISSUES: He's getting his vaccines, and is neutered and chipped.  


AGE: Approximately 1-2 years old

BREED: Chihuhua Mix


BACKGROUND: Buster is a sweet boy. He loves other pups but would also do well as an only.  

NEEDS: Buster is looking for his forever family! 

HEALTH ISSUES: ​Buster started out not so good with all of his skin issues. We've determined that he has a chicken allergy so, now that we know, his skin is getting better. He is HW-, neutered, and up-to-date on vaccines.



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350 Pups Rescued - Sunflower 1
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